Scenic Bucks County
A photographic tour of Bucks County,
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Bucks County is rich with a wide diversity of wildlife. Deer are probably the most sought after quarry of the Bucks County sportsman. They range throughout the entire county from the more commercial sections of lower Bucks County to the hills and farmland of upper Bucks. But it is not just deer that roam the Bucks County landscape. The area is plentiful with foxes, turkeys, pheasants, raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, rabbits and even an occasional bear to name a few and several large tracts of land have been set aside and designated as state gameland. Bucks County also has great opportunities for the avid fisherman. The Delaware River has some of the best fishing on the east coast. Along with the lakes and streams it possible to catch everything from sunfish to stripers. If you are looking for a great outdoors wildlife experience it is right here in Bucks County.
Alert and tentative, small herds of white tailed deer are a common sight in upper Bucks County.
Not seen as often as their doe counterparts, the larger bucks are more solitary. However as summer gives way to the cooler days of autumn the bucks interests turn to romance and they can be seen hunting for a mate.
After the first snow of the year a couple of bucks are in hot pursuit on a cold day.
Several large tracts of land have been set aside in Bucks County specifically for hunting, but this is public land and can be used as a great outdoor getaway by anyone when it is not hunting season. One of these areas is Haycock Mountain  
Foxes are also quite common all throughout Bucks County but they are a little more reclusive and not seen as often as deer. The best time to spot a fox is at dusk and early morning.
Pheasants are also common in Bucks County. They were originally introduced many years ago from China so they are not really a native bird but they have been around for long time. It has been noted that there seems to a decrease in the pheasant population and an increase in the fox population, hmmm.
Wild turkeys are also very abundant throughout Bucks County.
The Canada Goose was considered a bird to be protected years ago but is now considered a nuisance by many.
The Great Blue Herron is not a bird sought after by hunters but it is part of the wildlife in Bucks County. See more Bucks County birds.
Probably considered by many a pest rather than endearing member of Bucks County's wildlife the squirrel is probably the most abundant of all our wild animals.