Scenic Bucks County
A photographic tour of Bucks County,
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Summer in Bucks County
Same farm as above but in the fall
A white barn through the hedgerow
Farm tractor getting ready to cut the still green grass as the maple drops its leaves.
Fading paint on this red barn is revealed after summer's greenery has past.
Green grass and golden leaves
Red barn is easy to see now that the autumn leaves have dropped.
Sassafras tree frames the top border of another red barn.
Bucks County barn across the valley
As you are driving through the Bucks County countryside you glance off to the side of the road and through the hedgerow you see a beautiful country scene, but you are driving, so the moment is quickly past. It would be nice to save some of these fleeding glimpes of the Bucks County countryside. Below are a few pictures taken through the hedgerows.