Scenic Bucks County
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In northern Bucks County, Haycock Mountain looms over the surrounding countryside. Located on the northern side of Lake Nockamixon, Haycock Mountain is designated State Game Land, and is therefore public property. At the parking area on Top Rock Trail there is a trail that leads to the top of the mountain. This is an easy hike, but the top section requires a little climbing over some large boulders.
This view from Rolling Hills Road in Bedminster Township shows Haycock Mountain in the background. Lake Nockamixon is just over the first ridge, but not visible in this picture.
Long distance view from from Fretz Valley Road
This view of Haycock Mountain is from the south side of Lake Nockamixon.
To get to Haycock Mountain, take Route 563 along the north side of Lake Nockamixon, turn onto Top Rock Trail, there is a parking area a short distance on the left.
A trail starting in the parking lot leads to the top of the mountain. For the most part the trail is a nice gentle slope and easily negotiated, but as you approach the top, the trail becomes more difficult as you must climb up and over the boulders that make up the top of the mountain. 
Getting closer to the top, the trail becomes more rock strewn.
Then you reach the final accent, and the trail goes straight up. The large rocks and boulders are quite dramatic compared to the lower section of the trail.
At the top there several interesting rock formatioms, here this large thick slab seems to have slid off the rock below it.
These two, day hikers found a cool spot in the rocks to take a rest.
There lots of small caves and grottos among the entangled boulders