Scenic Bucks County
A photographic tour of Bucks County,
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Out to pasture
Brick farmhouse watches over rusting machinery.
It has seen better days
This model is no longer available at Home Despot.
Manure spreader with nowhere to spread.
Sign of the times
Note the bucket over the exhaust to keep the rain out.
For many years farming has played a major role in Bucks County's economy. Especially in central and upper Bucks where the rolling countryside was ideal for the smaller family owned farms. But as times change and the population increases these small farms have felt the pressure of the expanding world. Below are a few pictures of the victims of this changing time. Although some portions of Bucks County have been turned over to the developers, a large portion of Bucks County is still hanging on. With the help of several land conservancy organizations hopefully Bucks County will hold onto the things that make it Bucks County.