Just keep looking up
You must have lived in Morrisville at the age of 15 or younger to know this spot.
The Lions Club has been an influence in Morrisville for many decades
There is a postmark commemorating its dedication.
This is an easy one

Part of the first line has been blanked out, as that was a give away.
Walk, don't run past this plaque
No clues should be needed here.
If holes could talk
Back to Morrisville
Call Mr. Roberts
Yes, it is the top of a church
Don't be alarmed if you don't know where this is.
This plaque from World War One takes a back seat at its location here in Washington Heights. 
Anybody seen Mel?
This sign definitely wasn't made in Trenton.
Bells and whistles
This bell is gone now, but maybe you remember.
need a clue
need some help
need some help
need to see the big picture
Give up?
It might help to close your eyes and think about it, or you can click here
Want some clues
Still don't know?
Want a little background?
need a hint?
last resort
How well do you know your way around Morrisville? Below are a few pictures taken around town, can you name the location? They are all in plain view. This won't even be a challange for any Morrisville old timer. Hopefully more pictures will be added in the future so come back again. If you have questions, comments or pictures to add here send me an email at: realtodd@comcast.net
see it here
Most people that pass this sign are not going to New York or San Francisco.
If you want to know where you are Click Here
Does anybody know what "Bucks County Contributionship" means? If youre wondering where this is Click Here