Locomotive crossing Washington Street. If you look closely under the bridge to the end of Washington Street, you can see a house with three windows. This house on Delaware Avenue and is well over a hundred years old.
Note a center support has been added to the bridge, and the house with three windows is still there.
The next two pictures were taken of Memorial Day parades from the stone abutment of the railroad bridge seen in the pictures above, but looking in the other direction. Note the house in the background with the twin gables.
The house with the twin gables is just barely visible.
Looking north on Pennsylvania Avenue from Bridge Street. The building with the banners is Young's news stand, decorated for a wedding. The present day "Morrisville Bank" is to the right.
Looking at the top left corner of this picture you can just see the bottom of the windows seen in the picture above.
The Stockham Building looking much as it did years ago.
Looking down the canal from just beyond the spillgate near the end of Maple Avenue.
Original Calhoune Street Bridge
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Our special thanks go out to Jeffery Wood, son of the late James Wood, Morrisville historian and high school principle, Mary Ann Johnson for her role in securing these historic pictures and Bruce Brilla for his technical support
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