The Springhouse woods is an area of Morrisville not known to many, that is of course unless you grew up in Morrisville and liked to go exploring. Wedged between Route 1 and the canal, this isolated and wooded section of Morrisville has remained unchanged for many years.
The Springhouse is a little off the beaten track so it is not real easy to find, unless you have the spirit of adventure. At the end of South Lafayette Avenue there is trail leading under and around the Route 1 bridge. This will bring you to the trail leading back to the springhouse. You can also park in one of the lots down town and follow the railroad tracks past the Holiday Inn and under Route 1. If you take this route you will have to cross the canal, and that may, or may not be easy, or even possible. In the picture above the canal was low and easily crossed. 
The trail follows along the canal for a short distance, then bends off to the right. Along the way there are lots of interesting plants, especially in the spring and early summer.
There is not much left to the springhouse, just a small portion of the stone walls. The spring however is still active, and the water is cold and clear. A game played by many a Morrisville youth was to take off their shoes and see who could stand in the water the longest. This didn't take long even on the hottest summer day.   
There is obviously some historical significance to this area as there are several other stone walls and foundations to be found not far from the springhouse. However, this section of Morrisville has been  by-passed for many years and it is not known if these structures are from colonial times. It has been speculated that Robert Morris may have had some gardens in this area. But whatever the history behind the springhouse and adjacent area, it is hoped it will remain unchanged into the future.
Long time Morrisville resident Paul Kavanagh points out the foundation line of an old stone structure.
Seen here Paul Kavanagh and buddy John Lacky pick up trash left by other less responsible hikers. Both these guys feel so strongly about preserving this little piece of unknown Morrisville they take their own time to police the area.  
Trail to the springhouse
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