The Red Bridge at the end of Palmer Street is a main foot traffic artery for many people heading to Williamson Park, the ball fields, the river and the Morrisville Pool. It has been used by countless Morrisville residents for many generations. Anybody that spent any part of their childhood growing up in Morrisville has certainly been across the Red Bridge and probably has memories and a story or two that took place on the Red Bridge.  
Looking down the canal on a warm summer morning; the bridge on Pennsylvania Avenue that crosses the canal is in the background.
Heading down the hill toward the Red Bridge from the end of Palmer Street, at the corner of Crown Street.
Looking back the other way
November reflections
Autumn leaves litter the canal in late October
Geese along the canal; same day as picture above
Later in the winter
When was the last time you walked across the Red Bridge? While these pictures are nice, it's not as good as the real thing.
Heading back from the Island
Back to Morrisville