The Island, as it is called by the locals, is the area between Delmorr Avenue and the River. Although there is no evidence today, at one time there was a creek that ran from the river just south of the Calhoun St. Bridge along Delmorr Avenue rejoining the river just below the "Trenton Makes" Bridge, creating an island in this part of town. The creek powered the mills of colonial Morrisville. The final traces of the creek were covered over in the 1960s. Today this area encompasses Williamson Park, the Morrisville Community Swimming Pool and the houses on Park and Central Avenues. Not only was this area a keystone in Morrisville's colonial history, but it was also the home of the 1955 Little League World Series Champions.  So it is with great fondness when a Morrisville old timer refers to this area as "The Island." Some of us old timers still remember the creek or at least part of it.
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In 1955, the Morrisville Little League Team won the Little League World Series. This is a picture of  the game played by the present day Little League honoring the "55" team. It was taken at the Labor Day festivities 2004. To see more of Labor Day at the "Island", click here.
Looking across the "Island" from Delmorr Avenue, at the end of Union Street. The creek that once made this area an island ran along the bottom of the hill at left, through the playground and toward the bottom right corner of this picture.
This hand-drawn map from 1893 clearly shows the island as it was then. Obviously this picture predates the dike; the railroad bridge in the picture is in the location of the present day "Trenton Makes " bridge. To get a better look at this map,
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The dike along the Delaware River is a Morrisville landmark. Running from the Calhoun Street bridge to the "Trenton Makes" bridge, the dike protects the "Island" from high water when the river rises. In 1955, when a flood destroyed several bridges upstream, the dike held fast.
Not only are there several baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, but there is a playground and the community swimming pool.
There is a picnic pavilion at the end of Park Avenue and steps leading to the top of the dike.
There are great views of the capital building all along the dike.
Central Avenue and Park Avenue are the only two streets on the "Island". Seen here, Central Avenue is shrouded in Sycamore trees.
Park Avenue has the best fishing in Morrisville.
Looking across the pool parking lot. Trenton is in the background.
There is also a stage at the 'Island" that was put to good use when The Actors NET of Bucks County presented the play, "The Man Who Bought A Country".