Scenic Bucks County
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in Bucks County
Dublin, PA lies on Route 313 halfway between Doylestown and Quakertown, and as the banner describes; Dublin, PA is a great Hometown. As you are heading west on 313, you'll know you are coming into town because the speed limit changes, and the houses are up closer to the road, then you'll see the Dublin Inn, the Dublin Hardware store, and the Dublin Diner. A short distance further the speed limits goes back to 55 mph as you leave Dublin, PA behind. But wait a minute, there is actually a lot more here than it first appears. If the corner tavern, hardware store and diner aren't enough, there is also a small shopping center with a super market, auto parts store and both an Italian and Chinese restaurant. Several other businesses and resturants line Route 313, but just a block off Main Street you are in farmland. So although Dublin might not be considered cosmopolitan, it does combine country living with easy access to most necessities.