The "Trenton Makes" Bridge crossing the Delaware River at Morrisville is at the upper most reaches of the Atlantic Ocean tide. Just up stream from the bridge there is little noticeable tide change. However, down stream from the bridge the tide rises and falls twice a day, and these changes can be quite large. The large rocks and boulders seen in the river between the "Trenton Makes" Bridge (LowerBridge) and the Calhoun St. Bridge (Upper Bridge) mark the edge of the Piedmont Plateau where it meets the coastal plain. It is, in fact this hard rock barrier that stops the tide at this point. This area is known as the Falls of the Delaware and it has been a geographic waypoint noted by the indians even before the first white settlers. From this point north, the Delaware is a totally different river than the deeper tidal waters of the coastal plain. Here the river runs strong through some of the shallower rocky areas and then slows a bit in the deeper pools. Although there is boating all the way up to New York State, it is best to have local knowledge if you don't want to bend a propeller. Canoeing and tubing, on the other hand don't require much more than packing a lunch. The Delaware River  also has some of the best fishing on the east coast. So plan a day this summer and float down the river. You'll be glad you did.
The tide rushes out under the "Trenton Makes" Bridge in Morrisville. To see more about the tides in Morrisville Click Here
End of Afton Avenue inYardley, There was a bridge at this point until 1955 when it was destroyed by a flood. Looking south toward the train bridge.
Wing dam at New Hope diverts water to the site of an old factory, now townhouses. This is one of the few dangerous sections of the river, so it is probably not the best place for an inexperienced canoeist.
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Lower River Basin
After a week of cold weather, ice starts to chunk up between the bridges in Morrisville. The bridge in the background is the bridge in the picture above.
The river is much more fun in the summertime. Whether racing down the river on a jet-ski, floating down the river on a tube, or just having a picnic on its banks, the Delaware River has great appeal on a hot summer day.
Fourth of July weekend on the Delaware River
Just remember, the faster you paddle, the sooner the trip is over.
Or you can just sit on the bank and fish all day long like these young fisherman, and never move at all.
But other times and other places the river has majestic qualities all its own.
Scenic Bucks County
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The New Jersey state capitol building in Trenton reflects off of the Delaware River as it runs low and slow across the Falls of the Delaware at Morrisville in late summer.
Young family cools off on a hot summer day, note the kayakers in the background.
in Bucks County, PA
Delaware River
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