There are 16 bridges in Bucks County that span the Delaware River linking Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  The two bridges at the southern end of the county cross the deep channel portion of the river and are large enough to accommodate ocean going freighters that must pass underneath. The Burlington-Bristol Bridge is a vertical lift bridge; the center span can be raised to allow the larger ships passage. The approach to the bridge is quite steep and the road surface is narrow, making it slightly disconcerting to the meek of heart driver. At the upper end of Bucks County, the unique suspension bridge at picturesque Riegelsville has a look and feel like no other in Bucks County.  In between these bridges are a suspension foot bridge, two railroad bridges and eleven others bridges for vehicular traffic.
The Burlington-Bristol Bridge at the end of Route 413 is the first bridge in Bucks County coming up the river. Because it crosses the deep ship channal of the  Delaware River its center span is raiseable to allow the larger ships to pass under.
Burlington-Bristol Bridge
Pennsylvania Turnpike Bridges crosses the River at Bristol Township
The Pennsylvania Railroad  is the main line between Phil. and N.Y. It crosses the river at Morrisville
The Route 1 toll bridge is one of four bridges in Morrisville, note Trenton Makes Bridge in background.
Connecting Morrisville to Trenton, the "Trenton Makes Bridge" is often called the Lower Bridge
The Calhoun St. Bridge, or Upper Bridge was built in 1884 by the Phoenix Bridge Company.
Although showing signs of age, the Reading Railroad (now CSX) Bridge still stands tall at Yardley.
The Scudder Falls Bridge at Yardely carries all the traffic on Rt. 95 into New Jersey
The bridge at Washington Crossing is very narrow; watch your outside mirrors.
Bridges 2
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