Scenic Bucks County
A photographic tour of Bucks County,
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In the middle of winter a Bucks County garden waits for the coming spring.
In March the day lilies are just starting to poke through the cold soil.
The day lilies are starting to take shape in April and the rototiller is ready to break up the soil for the annuals. 
The annuals get planted around Mothers Day and the perennial cone flowers and grasses are making a presence.
In June the tiger lilies come into bloom while the zinnias are just starting to take off.
Zinnias and sunflowers add a lot of color in July.
Ageratums show off their blue and purple in August.
In September the Bucks County garden is still going strong.
Even in October a Bucks County garden has a lot to offer.
After the frost has taken its toll just add some pumpkins for a little color.
Bucks County gardens are a beautiful thing. There are many Bucks County garden centers and nurseries ready to help you with all your gardening needs. As the seasons change so do the gardens. Winters turn into spring; the snow melts and the new shoots pop through the cold soil. Then spring gives way to summer and the gardens erupt with color. Even in the fall the garden flowers provide much color up till the first frost. Eventually winter overtakes the garden, but after a few short months we get to watch the miracle of spring once again as the first tender shoots promise another new beginning.
A Bucks County garden throughout the year.
Local nurseries and garden centers are located all across Bucks County.
In early April a Bucks County tree farms has a row of freshly dug trees balled in burlap and ready to be planted in a Bucks County landscape.
Pansies are a great way to add color in the early planting season.
Many nurseries and garden centers have much more than just plants.
What type of soil amendments do you need.
A selection of flowering trees and evergreen shrubs.
Don't forget to stop in the store for your gardening tools and supplies.
There are large stores with lots of indoor plants.
What is your favorite color.
Springtime color
Many nurseries have a wide selection of landscaping plants.
We hope you will visit all the Bucks County garden shops and nurseries in your area.