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Buying a Christmas tree in Bucks County is a great family experience and there is no better place to do this than AGA Farms in Bedminster Township. There are many fresh cut trees just waiting to go home with you. Or maybe you would prefer a little adventure by exploring the back fields of AGA Farms, finding a live tree and cutting it yourself. There are many varieties to choose from including Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce, Colorado Spruce and Scotch Pine. So gather up the whole family, put on some warm clothes and head out to AGA Farms for a wonderful Christmas activity.
   AGA Farms
   1333 Elephant Road
   Perkasie, PA  18944
(Bedminster Township)
Picking out a Christmas tree is wonderful family experience, make it a great time at AGA Farms.
Take your time and explore the whole farm. If you would like to choose and cut your own tree there are many to choose from in the back fields. 
They also have balled and burlap live trees at AGA Farms
After you find that perfect fresh cut tree, the friendly staff is waiting to help you carry it to your car.
A final trimming and it's ready to for the bailer.
After the tree is wrapped the staff is there to help secure it to your vehicle.
So bring out the family take your time and enjoy the fresh air. There is so much more to offer at AGA Farms than just a Christmas tree lot.
Make your Christmas tree buying experience the best possible at AGA Farms. Choose a fresh cut tree or find a live tree and cut it yourself. After you have that perfect tree, the friendly staff will wrap it in the bailer, trim the stump and help you tie it to your car. You don't get that kind of service at other tree lots.
Take a walk down past the pond and see the swans.
You can also pick pumpkins at AGA Farms. Click Here
The tree is placed in the shaker to shake off those inner needles that would otherwise end upon your floor.
There is also a Christmas shop at AGA Farms to complete the whole experience.
If you need a new stand try the pin type stand. It is by far the easiest and sturdiest stand available. A hole is drilled into the bottom of the trunk and it just slips over the pin.
Next the tree is wrapped in the bailer making it easier to manage.