Joey Simon was born and raised in the small town of Morrisville, Pa. Growing up in Morrisville had its advantages and disadvantages. Friendships last a lifetime and Joey Simon felt fortunate to have friends all over town. But the disadvantage is news travels fast through the Morrisville grapevine and Joey was part of that grapevine. Having trouble paying rent on his one room apartment on Bridge Street, he was trying to lay low, especially after a brief encounter with two out of town strangers has him questioning his own sanity.
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"A Matter of Time" by Todd White.
With Morrisville, PA and the Delaware River as the backdrop the reader is taken for a lighthearted romp around town... then strange things begin to happen.
Joey Simons had an apartment in downtown Morrisville with a view of the parking lot in the back.
Some of Joey's hangouts